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    After reviewing all the major companiesí positions on the right materials for exterior decking. It has become obvious they all agree. Whether it is composite or natural wood, the product to go with is Cypress wood decking. Even the biggest composite manufacturer (TREX) says they donít know how long their product will last.
Redwood and Eastern aromatic Cedar folks say theirs is good for at least twenty years.

   After careful research and observation as a professional in reclamation. It is not even a close foot race. Cypress wood decking is the logical answer.

   We take Cypress logs out of rivers and swamps that have been there for hundreds of years that once dried and milled are even more beautiful than the day they were felled. We take down barns, warehouses, cotton gins and railroad tunnels, that were built with cypress lumber. These are hundreds of years old that are reused in homes and businesses and brings a premium price.

    The short version is this. You or your grand-children will not out live  Cypress decking.
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   Finally, we are more competitive than any of the afore-mentioned products



Wholesale or Retail