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FilmMagic </p><p>Little Mix have all signed up to support Cancer Research UKs Race for Life campaign this year.</p><p>It will be especially poignant for band member Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 21, who lost her grandmother to colon cancer.</p><p>My Grandma Norma died four years ago, she says. She fought it and fought it until she could no more.</p><p>She never got to see me sing, which is really upsetting.</p><p>Every Sunday we used to do talent shows and she would hear me sing on the karaoke. </p><p> She knew that I loved to sing but I never really took it as seriously as I did until The X Factor.</p><p>My Gran was a big influence in my life. I miss her so much. She was 64 when she died.</p><p>The other girls still have their grandparents and I always tell them to treasure every moment with them because you never know when they are going to be snatched away.</p><p>I would love her to have seen me on stage but I feel like she is up there watching me.</p><p>Leigh-Annes Gran never got to meet her current beau ex-footballer Jordan Kiffin.</p><p>Im sure she would like him though, she smiles.</p><p>When Im not working we spend as much time as we can together. But equally its nice when we do spend long periods apart, <a href="http://www.sacs-balenciaga.com/48-sac-balenciaga-giant-brief">Sac Balenciaga Giant Brief</a> because, when we do see one another, <a href="http://www.louisvuittonpascher2013.com">sac Louis Vuitton Pas Cher</a> its extra special.</p><p>The fourth member of the quartet Jade Thirlwall, 20, is dating Diversity dancer Sam Creaske. </p><p>The pair have recently moved in together despite reports that she had a fling with X Factor reject Derry Mensah last year.</p><p>I dont know where people get <a href="http://www.balenciaga-outelts.com">Balenciaga on sale</a> their information from sometimes, says Jade.</p><p>Ive read that I am splitting up with Sam but thats not the case.</p><p>You have to ignore things and not get upset about what you read, especially when youre in a relationship. At the end <a href="http://www.2013saclouisvuitton.com">Sac Louis vuitton</a> of the day what happens is between us and you have to keep that <a href="http://www.balenciaga-outelts.com">Balenciaga Outlet</a> private.</p><p>But we are really happy with where we are at the minute.</p><p>It is hard when we dont see one another and you have to keep the spark going. But we ring and Skype each other constantly.</p><p>Sam is really busy all the time too. He trains every day until 11 at night <a href="http://www.balenciaga-outelts.com">Balenciaga bags outlet</a> and often Im at home before him. I go to bed and wait for him to come in.</p><p>When we go to Asda we have the time of our lives. We joke that going to the supermarket is like having a date. But we enjoy it because its something normal for us.</p><p>Little Mixs new single How Ya Doin?, , is released in May.</p><p>By then it seems they will already have won over more American fans.</p><p>Some fans do go a bit crazy, admitted Jesy.</p><p>When we were in Australia one girl said If you dont follow me on Twitter, I am going to drink bleach!</p><p>And another fan started licking the window of our car, which was really, really weird!</p><p>Little Mix are supporting Cancer Research UKs Race for Life 2013. This summer, take part in Race for Life and show cancer whos boss! Come along and run, walk or sponsor at over 230 5k events across the UK and help raise over 瞿50 million to fight all 200 types of cancer. Enter at raceforlife.org now</p>

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