Wood Flooring


We now carry wood flooring. 

Wood flooring in cypress, antique cypress, old growth  cypress, sinker cypress.

The latest in our flooring line is Chestnut. American Chestnut that is. This is pre-blight Chestnut. More than a century old. Also Virgin Wormy Chestnut. 

Wormy Chestnut is a highly prized wood floor because it was a result of the extinction of the great Chestnut forest that once covered the eastern seaboard from Maine to Georgia.

At present we make our wood flooring in the standard widths and lengths as well as our latest entry.


La Casa Montana  

The sample shown here is not finished


12" x12"

$8.00 per sq. ft.

Which is a style all its own possibly making one of the most exciting wood floors on the market today